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At Youthline Southland we offer an excellent training programme that gets you ready for volunteering on our national Youth Helpline.

  • Opportunity 1) Personal Development Saturdays 10th, 17th June and 1st July 9am-4pm. 
    • The opportunity to find out more about yourself, build better communication and relationship skills, and to learn about working in a team; managing differences and conflict, building self-esteem, confidence, goal setting and trust.

Participants who complete this successfully can then progress through to...

  • Opportunity 2) Basic Counselling Skills TBC
    • An awareness of issues that face youth which include; grief, anger and aggression, depression and suicidality.
    • Skills to practice the theories of Person-centred and Strength-based counselling
    • Skills for counselling on phones, text messages and emails within the Youthline support context.

Participants who complete this successfully can then progress through to...

  • Opportunity 3) Transition to Support Services TBC
    • The opportunity to work in our hub where we take calls, tests and emails from young people and members of the public who require support. Initially this will be as a ‘trainee’ volunteer helpline counsellor under the support of a mentor (an experienced Youthline Volunteer Counsellor).
    • Monthly supervision, where you will attend with your Youthline volunteer counsellor peers to continue to learn more about yourself through the processing of your experiences and discoveries of your work.
    • Progression to becoming a ‘solo’ volunteer helpline counsellor is dependent on commitment and demonstration of appropriate skills, plus the successful completion of an assessment during this training.

Participants are required to attend at least 80% of training sessions. Progression to the following opportunity is dependent on the commitment and appropriate skills demonstrated from the opportunity before.


We do at least a couple of intakes per year, so if this one doesn't suit you, get in touch :-)